Terms of Use

1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to specify the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the company and its users with respect to the use of online and offline services (hereinafter referred to as "services") provided by Gyeongbuk Bio Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Secretariat").

2. Effect and Modification of Terms and Conditions

(1) These terms and conditions become effective when notified via the service.

(2) In the event of a significant occurrence, the secretariat may modify these terms and conditions without prior notice, and the revised terms and conditions will be communicated via the service.

(3) If a member does not agree to the modified terms and conditions, he or she may seek cancellation of membership. If the member does not request cancellation after the effective date of the modified terms and conditions, he or she will be presumed to have accepted the modifications.

3. Standards Excluding the Terms and Conditions

The provisions of the Telecommunications Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, the Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection, and other related laws apply to matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions.

4. Definition of Terms

Following are definitions of major terminology used in these Terms and Conditions.

(1) Member: A person who has been issued a user ID by supplying personal information to the secretariat after being made aware of these terms and conditions and who receives member advantages while receiving ongoing information from the secretariat.

(2) ID: Refers to the email address or mobile phone number chosen by the member and approved by the secretariat for member identification and service use (hereinafter referred to as "ID").

(3) Password: A combination of letters and digits chosen by the member to authenticate the member's identity and safeguard the member's privacy.

(4) Service: Refers to the act provided by the Secretariat for a price or at no cost to members, as well as the physical and intangible object that is the subject of the act.

(5) Suspension of use: The secretariat restricts the member's usage of the service in line with the terms and conditions.

(6) Cancellation: After utilizing the service, the secretariat or member cancels the service contract.

(7) Dormant member: A member who has not utilized the service for 12 months from the last day of usage.

5. Establishment of the contract of use

A. By reading these terms and conditions and clicking "I agree" while applying for a service subscription, an applicant is deemed to have accepted them.

B. The terms of service are formed when the secretariat accepts the application for usage following the user's acceptance of the terms of service.

C. Children under the age of 14 are not eligible for this service, thus they cannot apply for a contract.

6. Application for Use

Those who intend to utilize the service by becoming a member apply for membership by submitting the required personal information on the secretariat's recommended form.

7. Acceptance of Usage Application

A. The secretariat accepts the application for use in the order in which it is received, unless Article 6 stipulates otherwise.

B. The secretariat may restrict acceptance of the application for use in the following circumstances and may postpone permission until the cause is resolved:

(1) If no space is available for service-related facilities

(2) In the event of technical issues

(3) Other instances considered essential by the Secretariat under the circumstances

C. If the secretariat is aware of any of the following, it may refuse to accept the application for the use contract:

(1) If an applicant does not apply under one's true name 

(2) If an applicant applies using another person's name

(3) In the event of a request for the required information when making a request for usage

(4) If the request is made with the intention of disrupting the social well-being and order or good morals

(5) If the other secretariat does not fulfill the conditions for submitting a request for use 

D. In the event that the application for use is withheld or rejected pursuant to paragraphs 2 or 3, the secretariat must notify the applicant. Exceptions are made, however, when the secretariat cannot notify the applicant for an explicable cause.

8. Protection of Personal Information

A. The Secretariat safeguards and respects the personal information of members.

B. The secretariat gathers information on members through the information members submit when applying for usage, information members supply for community activities, participation in various events, and other information obtained throughout the use of services.  The personal information of members is utilized to fulfill this contract of use and to provide services under this contract.

C. The secretariat is prohibited from disclosing or distributing personal information of members acquired via the provision of services to a third party without the agreement of the individual and from using such information for commercial reasons. However, this is not the case in any of the subsequent instances.

(1) When it is required for the settlement of charges for the provision of information and communication services. 

(2) When it is required for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research, and when a specific individual is processed and provided in an unrecognizable form. 

(3) When there is a request from the relevant agency in accordance with the procedures and methods established for the purpose of investigation under the relevant laws and regulations.

(4) If exceptional provisions exist in other laws

(5) Upon the Korea Internet Safety Commission's request and in accordance with applicable legislation

D. Within the scope of Paragraph 3, the secretariat may create and utilize aggregated statistics on all or a portion of the members' personally identifiable information for business purposes and may transfer cookies to the member's computer via the service. In such a circumstance, the member may decline to accept cookies or modify the browser settings on the computer used to display a notification about the receipt of cookies.

E. The information provided by the member at the time of registration may be stored from the time of registration until five days following membership termination. When it is necessary to retain it in line with the applicable laws and regulations, exceptions are established.

F. In line with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, the member information is separately maintained and managed if the account is converted to a dormant account after more than a year of inactivity. The relevant account and its associated data will be deleted. When personal data is erased, all member information is also discarded.

G. Members whose accounts have been converted to inactive status are ineligible for some services, such as login and point accumulation and use, during the dormant time, but can continue to access services after reactivating their accounts through a separate identity verification process.

9. Use of Personal Information

A. The least amount of personal information essential to offer services should be gathered by the Secretariat, although further information may be requested if necessary.

B. In the following instances, the Secretariat may disclose personal information to a third party with the user's consent. Even in this instance, personal information is only shared with third parties with the user's agreement; if the user chooses not to share his or her information, the user does not have to utilize certain services or participate in particular promotions or events.

C. If the Secretariat delegates the provision of a specific service to an external company (hereinafter referred to as the consigned company), the member's personal information necessary for the provision of the service may be provided to the consigned company with the member's consent, and the fact of consignment of the service shall be specified. Individual notice and consent processes may be bypassed, however, where notification is provided via the personal information processing policy in line with applicable regulations. In the gathering, handling, and administration of the given member's personal information, the entrusted company does not use or disclose the information for any reason other than the entrusted purpose.

D. The secretariat may collect personal information that may be used for the personal identification of users, with the users' cooperation, to enhance the quantity and quality of service for users who utilize the secretariat's services. It may be utilized by the secretariat for personalized services, online advertising services, community services, paid content services, and mobile services.

10. Change of Contract Details

A. Through personal information management, members can access and edit their personal information at any time.

B. If the information entered at the time of application for usage changes, the member must update it online, and the member is liable for any issues resulting from the information not being updated.

C. If the member so chooses, consent to use can be revoked, and if consent is revoked, service usage is restricted. To withdraw consent to usage, submit a termination request.

11. Obligations of the Secretariat

A. The secretariat strives ceaselessly to offer ongoing and steady services in accordance with these requirements. In the event of equipment failure or loss, it must be fixed and restored without delay. The service may be temporarily halted or suspended in the event of a natural catastrophe, an emergency, or other unavoidable circumstances.

B. If the secretariat determines that the comments or concerns submitted by members in accordance with the established processes are warranted, they shall be addressed according to the proper procedures. If processing will take a specific amount of time, the member must be informed of the cause for the delay and the anticipated completion date.

C. The secretariat follows the provisions of Article 8 on the protection of the privacy of members.

D. The secretariat aims to offer ease-of-use to users in terms of processes and materials linked to contracts with users, such as the negotiation of a contract for use, modifications to contract details, and contract termination, and so on. 

12. Obligations of the Member

A. Members must abide by the matters outlined in these Terms and Conditions and the matters stated by the Secretariat in usage guidelines or notifications, and they must not participate in any other conduct that interferes with the Secretariat's operations.

B. The member is solely responsible for managing his or her ID and password. Members are accountable for all repercussions resulting from careless administration and unlawful usage of IDs and passwords supplied to them.

C. When a member realizes that his/her ID or password has been unlawfully used, he/she must immediately notify the secretariat and is accountable for any repercussions resulting from failure to do so.

D. Members may not participate in business operations utilizing the service without the previous consent of the secretariat, and the secretariat is not liable for the outcomes of any sales activities or business activities conducted in violation of the terms and conditions. If the member's commercial operations cause harm to the secretariat, the member is responsible for compensating the secretariat.

E. Members are prohibited from transferring or donating the right to use the service or other contractual status to a third party without the express agreement of the secretariat, nor may they use it as collateral.

F. Members are prohibited from engaging in the following activities in relation to their use of the service.

(1) Stealing the ID, password, or resident registration number of another member

(2) Acts of copying information received through this service for other than member use, utilizing it for printing or broadcasting, or sending it to a third party without the prior agreement of the secretariat 

(3) Posting, e-mailing, or otherwise transmitting to others anything that violates one's patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property rights

(4) Transmitting, uploading, or disseminating vulgar or obscene material, words, figures, etc. that violates public order and morality by e-mail or other methods

(5)  Transmitting, uploading, or disseminating anything that is insulting or threatening to invade the privacy of others by e-mail or other methods

(6) Acts objectively considered to be connected to a crime

(7) Collecting or retaining the personal information of other users without the Secretariat’s agreement

(8) Acts that contravene other relevant laws

13. Provision of Information

A. The Secretariat may send members messages or emails containing different service-related information considered essential.

B. In order to improve service benefits, the Secretariat may communicate service-related information via a variety of delivery means (phone, notice, email, etc.). Nonetheless, if a member expresses a desire not to receive service benefit information, the secretariat will omit that member from the information offering. The Secretariat is not liable for any disadvantages incurred as a result of being excluded from the scope and not receiving service-related information.

C. In the case of notification to a large number of unspecified members, the secretariat may replace individual notices with postings on bulletin boards.

14. Loss of Eligibility and Limitation of Member Services Benefits

If a member falls under any of the subparagraphs below, membership may be revoked or service benefits may be curtailed. In this instance, the secretariat will inform the member of the reason through registered e-mail or text message.

(1) If incorrect information is provided on the membership application form  

(2) If a ticket is issued for profit and subsequently transferred to another person for payment

(3) In the case of an act that harms the reputation of others or disadvantages others on the site or mobile screen

(4) In the event of willful interference with the operation of the service (on the day of notification or giving a grace period of 3 days in advance)

(5) [Dormant members] are notified (by e-mail or letter) of the loss of membership, and if no response is received within the time frame specified in the notice, the membership may be forfeited. Except for information required to be retained by law, the member's personal information and service use information will be destroyed or deleted without delay.

15. Copyright of Posts

The following describes the rights to the materials posted on the service.

A. The person who posted the material has the right and responsibility for the posting, and the secretariat cannot use it for commercial reasons beyond putting on the service without his or her permission. In the case of non-profit organizations, however, the secretariat has the authority to publish in the service.

B. Members may not utilize the materials posted on the service for commercial purposes, including processing or selling information collected via the service.

16. Copyright Protection

A. Members are prohibited from engaging in acts of infringement, such as the illegal theft of copyrights or other intellectual property rights belonging to the Secretariat.

B. Members may not use the information gained by using the service for commercial reasons by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, or broadcasting, or by permitting a third party to do so, without the prior consent of the company.

17. Responsibility for Use of Service

Members are prohibited from engaging in commercial activities to sell products using the service, unless expressly permitted by the Secretariat in an express written document signed by an authorized employee; in particular, commercial activities through hacking, money-making advertisements, obscene sites, and so forth. are prohibited, as is the illegal distribution of commercial S/W. The secretariat is not liable for the outcomes and losses of commercial operations resulting from a violation of this regulation, nor for legal proceedings such as arrest by the appropriate authorities.

18. Suspension of Service Provision

A. The Secretariat may cease service provision in the following instances:

(1) In the event of unavoidable construction-related conditions such as service facility maintenance

(2) If the telecommunication service is suspended by the primary telecommunication business operator specified in the Telecommunications Business Act

(3) If there are additional cases of force majeure

B. When there is an impediment to the regular use of the service owing to a national emergency, power outage, failure of service facilities, or excessive use of the service, the Secretariat may restrict or suspend all or part of the service.

C. When the Secretariat restricts or suspends the member's use of the service in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2, the Secretariat shall promptly notify the member of the reason and duration of the restriction.

19. Termination of Contract and Restrictions on Use

A. If a member desires to terminate the contract of use, he or she must submit a withdrawal request to the Secretariat on the website.

B. In the case of a member's withdrawal, the member's coupons and invitation privileges automatically expire.

C. After the period specified in these terms and conditions, the Secretariat will no longer maintain or use any personal information of a withdrawn member for any other purpose.

D. The Secretariat may cancel the usage contract or suspend the member's access to the service without prior notice if any of the following violations are committed.

(1) In the case of stealing another person’s personal information, ID, and password

(2) If the registered name is not the person’s real name

(3) In the case of an act that harms the reputation of others or gives them an unfair advantage

(4) In the case of violating the intellectual property rights of the company, other members, or third parties

(5) In the case of knowingly distributing content that violates public order and morals

(6) In the case of a member planning or executing service usage with the intent to impede the national interest or social public interest 

(7) In the event of willful interference with the operation of the service

(8) When a significant volume of information or advertisement material is delivered with the intent of interfering with the service's steady operation

(9) In the case of the distribution of computer virus programs that result in the malfunction of information and communication services or the destruction of data

(10) When an external entity such as the Korea Internet Safety Commission requests a rectification, or when the Election Commission interprets it in relation to an unlawful election campaign

(11) When information received by utilizing the Secretariat's services is copied or distributed without the company's prior authorization or utilized for commercial purposes.

(12) When a member displays pornography on his or her website and bulletin board or provides links to obscene websites

(13) Violation of additional terms and conditions specified by the Secretariat, including these terms and conditions

20. Compensation for Damages

The Secretariat is not liable for any damages suffered by members in connection with the utilization of free services. Paid services are subject to each service's terms and conditions.

21. Exemption Clause

A. The Secretariat is excused from duty for service provision if it is unable to deliver the service as a result of a natural catastrophe or analogous force majeure.

B. The Secretariat is not liable for any barriers to service usage attributable to member's action.

C. The Secretariat is not liable for the member's anticipated loss of revenue or for any damage caused by the data obtained via the service.

D. The Secretariat is not responsible for the veracity and correctness of information, data, facts, etc. placed on the service by members.

E. The Secretariat shall not be held liable for any harm caused to the subscriber as a result of the subscriber's willful or negligent usage of the service.

22. Change of Terms and Conditions

If these terms and conditions are modified, the Secretariat must notify the member by online posting or email.

23. Dispute Settlement and Jurisdiction Court

If a lawsuit is initiated over a disagreement originating from the use of the service, the court with exclusive jurisdiction over the location of the Secretariat will hear the case.